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My name is Valerie Barton and I have been breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds since 2005. I love my Mini Aussies/Americans and am focusing on the small/med minis but this still creates all sizes.  My objective is to maintain that true Aussie structure with genetically healthy parents of calm, disciplined temperaments.

Take a look around my site and see my dogs, you’ll love them too!

Welcome to Saddle Up Stables located in the heart of Eastern Ontario. Our farm nestles the northern shores of Lake Ontario just west of Kingston.

This is where my husband James, and myself, operate a 500+ acre dairy farm. We have been blessed with four ambitious daughters who keep us endlessly occupied with their sports and activities. Thank goodness, they share my love for the animals.

I am a small hobby breeder owning only 6 dogs. This is not my job… it is my passion. I breed because I love these dogs and want other people to experience the joy, commitment, entertainment, workability, and true companionship of this amazing breed.

In the fall of 2011, we built a small kennel called “The Dog House”. It is a perfect house just for them. We are a licensed kennel, The Dog House became a necessity after I purchased two male pups in the spring of 2011.  A  females 2-3 wk  heat cycle is sure “a barn dance” with six people, six dogs  and a revolving door in our home. Even though they were just pups, they knew their job.

All our dogs enjoy free range on the farm by day and their cozy beds in “The Dog House” at night. One or two take turns sleeping inside with us and they are all indoor/outdoor dogs.

My pups are whelped in the house under close watch.  With a family of six, they get mighty spoiled.  Please see my Puppy Page for more info. on our puppies, Aussies love to be with you and shadow your every move. The smaller size makes them great travel companions and house mates. However size does not hinder them from working large livestock. They can keep up with the 4-wheeler, run along during long horseback rides, take long runs, and they generally love water if introduced early.

We love how “People come first,” in Aussie world. Sure, they love to work and play but being with their human is what makes an Aussie happiest. My aussies don’t tend to favour one family member nor are they reserved around strangers but that is why early socialization is soooo important.

We do not show our aussies. I would if I could but my life is too busy to travel to W. Ontario shows on weekends. I do have show/breed quality dogs and will also produce many pups worthy. Select pups may go to other show breeders but my main target market is a family with the love and knowledge to offer my pups a wonderful life.


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